Lean-to conservatories or home extender conservatories have a square or rectangular architectural design just like the Edwardian style conservatory. The conservatory’s roof is sloped and it often attached to one of the walls of the house. Other people call them sun gardens or sunrooms and due to their modern design and function ability, they are ideal for a wider range of modern house styles that are low-pitched such as bungalows. These kinds of conservatories are available in several colored frames and roof glazing options as well.

Some companies have do-it-yourself kits that enable people to build their own lean-to conservatories against their houses. This is one of the factors that make the conservatories a cost-effective option because by building it yourself, you will get to save a lot of money that would be paid to the architects that build them for other people. The other thing is that lean type conservatories are sold cheaper as compared to most of other conservatories. This is another reason that puts them in the cost-effective bracket.

The materials used for building the lean-to conservatory are sturdy and strong so even if you will be building it by yourself you can be guaranteed of making a strong structure that will serve you well. The lean type conservatory kits are not only very affordable as compared to other DIY conservatory kits but they are about 8×12 for the rectangular designs and 8×8 for the square design. The size of the DIY conservatory kit of the lean type will depend on the available space one has to build it. The roof of the conservatory is attached to the house wall making the conservatory very accessible from the house and because it requires very less construction skill and equipment or tools, it becomes very cost-effective to set it up as well. Since the conservatory is closer to the house, access to water and other utilities become easier and that requires fewer expenses as compared to putting up the utilities close to the conservatory.

The kinds of material used to construct the conservatory are wood, PVC pipes, aluminum, glass, plastic or even Plexiglas for the panels all of which are materials that are easy and cheap to get. Plywood can be used for the flooring and probably a layer of foam insulation placed underneath the plywood floor to prevent the heat from escaping from the conservatory through the floor. One trick that can even enable you save a lot of money is by building the lean-to conservatory on the side the house that gets a lot of sun exposure.

The author of this article knows their stuff about lean-to conservatories, having built many conservatories in their time! So they know the dos and don’ts when it comes to building your new conservatory with a view towards improving your family home. conservatory roof replacement

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