The PlayStation 4 is firmly entrenched as one of the best gaming consoles of all time, with a robust catalog that includes marquee exclusives. Its successor, the PS5, is backward-compatible with many of those titles, but the original system still has plenty to offer in the way of single-player games and multiplayer experiences. There’s something for everyone, from simple puzzle games to epic open worlds and everything in between.

Whether you’re looking for a heart-pounding multiplayer shooter, a gorgeous JRPG or a sweeping adventure, here are the best PS4 games to play this year and beyond.

From the creators of flOw, Flower takes a unique approach to gameplay and storytelling with a game that puts players’ surrounding environment at the forefront of their experience. Its accessible controls and touching narrative meld to create a beautiful and meaningful video game experience that’s unlike any other on the console.

The new Tomb Raider Trilogy brings the legendary series into the modern era, and it’s one of the most compelling PS4 exclusives. The title offers a fresh take on the franchise’s core elements, and it features tight gunplay and intense scares that make it a must-have for fans of survival-horror action games.

In the future, humans have been pushed to the brink of a technological apocalypse and regressed to primitive tribal states. It’s up to you, as Aloy, to lead a hunter faction against the machines. Horizon Zero Dawn’s beautiful apocalyptic world is a treat for the eyes, and it boasts engaging fights and worthwhile side content in an expansive open-world.

It’s a great time to be an Xbox player, but the PlayStation 4 remains one of the best gaming consoles around. The console’s robust library of exclusives and third-party releases makes it one of the most powerful and versatile gaming platforms available. And with the rise of VR and streaming, the console is becoming even more of a hub for gamers.

The PlayStation 4 has a wide selection of split-screen multiplayer games to choose from, ranging from classic platformers to fast-paced action games. The PS4 also has support for PlayStation VR, which adds an immersive virtual reality layer to your gameplay.

The PlayStation 4 is a great console for playing split-screen games with friends. These games vary in genre, but they all allow two players to take control of the same character on the same couch. The games may include cooperative missions, competitive multiplayer or even simple party games. PS4 games

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