My adorable 6 months toddler just turned 5 this year. Yes, it was possibly the most memorable birthday party ever. Last night, after all the celebrations and events, we were so exhausted that we couldn’t get out of bed for the next 12 hours. My son’s birthday was extremely delightful and amusing. We arranged a big birthday bash – something he’ll cherish for a long time to come. Although we’re not much keen on parties and prefer small family get-together, it was an exception this time.

When I look back at the occasion and flip through the memories on my digital camera, the ones that remain the strongest are probably those of the cake. As I struggled out of the bed and helped myself to a cup of coffee, I thought of sharing the entire cake planning process with you. Believe me it was total fun. Before we get to the main point, let me discuss what birthday cakes are all about.

A birthday celebration is never complete without a nice cake. Skillfully decorated and freshly baked, cakes have their own aura and elegance. In fact, it is the focal point of any birthday party. This is all the more applicable for kids, who eagerly wait for this day of the year. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that you do not let your child down with a poorly decorated cake. Keep the interests of your kid in mind and come up with a unique design that keeps him excited right through the day. Kids or youngsters get easily fascinated by a range of topics; you can easily take ideas from these subjects and use them for the decoration. That way, you’ll give a touch of custom-made excitement to your kid’s special day. After all, it’s his day and the theme that you choose must stand for your kid’s tastes and preferences. Here’s a list of the top festive delicacy themes that are sure to create memorable birthday moments.

Harry Potter Cake

There are several ways to decorate a Harry Potter themed cake. You can borrow ideas from the novels and the films for decorating the birthday delicacy. Just make sure that the decorations do justice to your child’s affection for Harry Potter.

Animated cake design

Nearly every kid loves watching cartoon shows. Over time, they develop a soft corner in their heart for one cartoon character or the other. Thus, cartoon characters have a special role to play in your child’s special day celebration. Whether your kid is fond of Mickey Mouse or Tom and Jerry, cartoon birthday cake theme is an all time hit.

Happy smiley face

Children are generally very fond of smileys. Whether it’s the door mat, key ring or pencil box, kids are highly attached to this theme. You may either go for a simple smiley face design, or decorate a usual cake in such a way that it resembles a smiley face. What’s more, you can include personalized birthday wishes in your cake’s decoration.

No matter what theme you opt for, make sure that your child loves it. For him, it’s the most special day of the year – something that he’s going to cherish for the next few weeks or months. Go ahead, have a blast… Sydney cakes

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