Women have a number of reasons for breast augmentation surgery, from cosmetic to reconstructive. The procedure involves enlarging the breasts by inserting a saline or silicone implant behind breast tissue or chest muscle. You and your surgeon can choose the size, shape, and surface texture of your breast implants. It’s important that you ask your doctor lots of questions before the surgery. You can also read the FDA’s patient decision checklist to help you prepare for your surgery.

You may want to have a mammogram or chest X-ray before your breast augmentation. This will give your plastic surgeon a pre-surgery image of the breasts and may help prevent complications during and after your operation. Your doctor will probably ask you to stop taking some medicines before your surgery, too.

During your consultation, your doctor will ask you why you want to get breast implants and listen to your concerns. They’ll explain how breast augmentation works and give you realistic expectations about your results. They’ll also review your medical history and discuss any possible risks or side effects.

You might have to stay in hospital overnight, but the procedure usually only takes 1 or 2 hours. Swelling and bruising will take a few days to go down, but you can manage the pain with over-the-counter pain relievers. You’ll need to wear a bra to protect your new breasts while you heal. You’ll need follow-up appointments to check how well you’re healing, and your surgeon will remove any stitches or drains. Breast Augmentation

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