Men’s clothing refers to apparel designed for men, which covers a broad spectrum of styles and garment types. Men’s clothing includes casual shirts, jackets, trousers and shorts for day wear, while men’s dress clothes include business suits, neckties, bow ties, formal vests and waistcoats. Men’s apparel often reflects the culture in which they live and is intended to communicate certain attributes like strength, physical tenacity, or seriousness. Traditionally, this type of apparel was more practical in nature, made with durable fabrics and earthy or neutral colors.

Today, men’s clothing has evolved in line with our generation’s liberal beliefs on identity and gender. Designers now incorporate a range of materials from traditional wool and cotton to high-performance sportswear and outerwear. Many retailers are embracing sustainability and the idea of creating a better world through their product offerings.

Whether you prefer a more rugged, outdoorsy look or a sleek and tailored suit, there are a wide variety of menswear choices available online. Many of these stores also offer a sizing tool so you can be sure your garment will fit.

The best men’s clothing brands adhere to a few unwritten rules: They must be made to last, they must be comfortable and they must be stylish. Some, like Alabama-based haberdasher Billy Reid, check all of these boxes and more, while others, such as Everlane, champion transparency and honesty in the fashion industry.

Other great men’s clothing stores include online department store Huckberry, which curates a range of stylish menswear brands including Proof, Flint and Tinder. For more affordable options, try menswear startup Quince, which promises high-quality essentials from Mongolian cashmere to Italian leather at a radically low price. men’s bamboo clothing

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