A medical office should be designed to provide comfort for patients, promote cleanliness and meet ADA requirements. However, choosing the right furniture is not always easy. It is important to look for quality over style and choose a commercial office furniture supplier with experience in the health care industry. This will make sure you receive furniture that meets the demands of a healthcare environment and can stand up to frequent use.

Medical Practice Furniture

The most important healthcare furniture pieces include the seating and tables used in waiting rooms and exam areas. These include chairs that feature healthcare vinyl and easy to clean surfaces, as well as desks for doctors. Additional necessary medical clinic furniture includes reception tables, filing cabinets and storage units for staff and patients.

Waiting rooms are a patient’s first impression of your facility and can impact their mood. Choosing a chair that is comfortable and durable can reduce stress for both patients and their caregivers while providing a welcoming aesthetic. Flexible seating options allow staff to alter the layout as needed and provide the best experience for each individual patient. Ganged seating, like the Integrity two seater chair, helps conserve space and provides separate spaces for patients to sit while waiting. Height adjustable stools provide practical solutions for both patients and staff. Choose from models that offer screw adjustments for pediatricians or pneumatic height adjustment to accommodate multiple body types.

Keeping the workspaces and waiting room tidy is key to maintaining a productive work environment for medical staff. Medical carts help with transporting computer equipment and supplies while minimizing clutter. HIPAA compliant wall racks keep charts organized and sanitized while whiteboards facilitate communication between team members. Other healthcare office furniture items include privacy screens, sneeze guards and hand sanitizer dispensers.

While choosing furniture for the clinic may seem like a task that is difficult to accomplish, you can still find affordable and functional options. Avoid settling for cheaply made office furniture that will be more expensive in the long run due to damage, wear and tear or the need for repairs. A good rule of thumb is to invest in higher-quality contract furniture, as it is built to withstand heavy usage and will last longer than traditional office furniture.

In addition, when buying medical office furniture, pay attention to the upholstery material. Healthcare fabrics must be double rub rated to ensure they can withstand the frequent cleaning required for the medical industry. Choosing high-quality upholstery also makes the furniture more resistant to stains, scratches and tears that can easily occur in a busy healthcare setting. Cabinet médical mobilier

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