When it comes to custom clothing for outdoor, hyperactive sports like volleyball, custom socks have to be the most important of all!

Olympics recognize volleyball as a sport. There are 6 members per team who play this unique game of precision, strength and agility. Its cousin might have been the one which draws in a greater attention, thanks to the eye-candy (read: beach volleyball!). However, the beach version of the same does not have anything to do with socks at all! The indoor ‘court’ version needs shoes as well as socks.

The Game

There is a comprehensive rulebook to be followed in volleyball but here we will stick more to the clothing and accessories part. The objective is to hit the ball with your forearms over the net that separates the team and into the ground where the opponent team would miss. That really calls for a lot of precision and power! The six member team might have different formations with some forwards who double up as ‘blockers’ and the rear part which is the main in defensive play. When in a do or die situation, the player can ‘push’ the ball with any upper part of the body, just to ensure that it stays in the air until the other team member clears it off to the other side.

The maximum number of ball contacts that a team can make at a time when the ball is in its own part is 4. One more than that and it is called a foul and some point is awarded to the opponent team. That means you have just 4 chances to clear the ball from your side to the other half of the court. The players need to have really strong legs and hands; not to mention they must be quite flexible too!

The game involves a lot of jumping and really short and quick body and leg movements; though it is the jump that is emphasized in the game.

Volleyball Accessories and Clothing

Due to the nature of the sport, the clothing must be as light and strong as possible. Preferably, the socks should not cover the whole leg length like stockings; players only wear the calf length (tube) and crew length socks. Jumping means a lot of stress on your calf muscles. Though the calf muscles are trained and strengthened enough, the calf muscle might need some support when jumping and hence these tube custom volleyball socks came into the scene. These socks are pretty good at supporting the calf muscle which might otherwise have a risk of getting pulled or injured due to the athletic vertical jumps!

Companies which manufacture sports clothing are accepting bulk orders for custom socks for promotional use in teams. Team orders are being recognized and delivered by such manufacturing companies. The idea behind custom socks is to target a dual purpose: custom socks with logo

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