If the saying “Everything old is new again” was coined by Mark Twain, Winston Churchill or an ancient Greek philosopher, it could have very well been referring to encaustic tiles. The timeless design feature dates back to medieval times, but has been seen in modern day homes as well. From kitchens to entryways, this style of tile is dynamic in its visual appeal and makes a great addition to any space.

Encaustic Tiles take the best of traditional tile-making methods and contemporary designs. They’re made using cement and crushed marble that have been prized for their durability and vibrancy for centuries. This type of tile doesn’t have a glaze on top, and instead relies on color and pattern to add interest to a room.

In the past, no self-respecting Abbey, Monastery or Royal Palace would be complete without a floor covered in these unique, multicolored tiles. They were poured on site, as opposed to being pre-fabricated, by a craftsman who made a clay base and then used different colored cements – sometimes mixed with marble dust – to create a patterned section of the tile that was pressed into a wooden block. The finished tiles were then left to cure – not fired in a kiln, as is the case with ceramic tile.

Today, encaustic tiles are more readily available and can be found at many tile outlets. They’re easy to maintain and don’t chip easily, but they can also develop a beautiful patina over time. While they’re still popular in Europe, they’re gaining popularity with homeowners and designers who are looking for a truly original look for their spaces.

These textured, colorful, and unique tiles can be laid in a number of ways to make a truly customized statement for any room. They’re perfect for foyers, bathrooms and kitchens, and can also be used to accent a fireplace or outdoor living area.

They’re also a great way to highlight a feature wall in a bedroom or dining room, as they provide a subtle pop of color that really stands out against the rest of the décor. They’re a wonderful way to bring the outdoors in, especially with their warm and earthy colors that make them the ideal complement to any green landscape or outdoor patio.

The durability of encaustic tiles also makes them the ideal choice for a busy family home, as they’re extremely tough and won’t chip or crack easily. They’re also a great choice for a bathroom, as they can be easily cleaned with a little soap and water.

A good tip for those who want to protect their encaustic tile is to use a concrete sealer, like Fila FOB. This will help keep the tile looking its best and will help to protect it from stains, dirt and grime. A tile sealer is a must if you’re going to be having your encaustic tiles installed by a professional, or if you plan to do some DIY renovations in the future!

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