The word ‘Greece’ itself takes us back to a time mythical which can only be beholden in a reverie of a romantic today. Yet, the modern Greece does not fail to manifest a shadow of that lost time to its admiring tourists. The ancient essence of the classical times, the colonnades wrought of rich stone, the ageless beauty of the sculptures, are always reasons enough to mesmerize tourists from all over the world in search of living history. But, this tour of the lost age, perhaps, remains incomplete without an excursion of the Aegean Sea on a yacht breathing in the fresh air and drinking the beauty of the Aegean Sea, and its islands – the silent witnesses of the passage of history.

During the 60’s, the popularity of Greek marine tourism has grown at a rapid pace – the beauty of the sea itself, total more than 1400 islands, varying from the most famous ones to isolated islets, the weather, sunny and soothing, the famous historical places to the modern nightclubs – this coexistence of the historical and the entertaining, the classical and the adventurous, has become a chief attraction for the tourists nowadays. Thus, to add integrity to your vacation in Greece, do not forget to include a yacht excursion.

With the growing popularity of marine tourism, the number of Greece yacht charter agencies also increased. These yacht rental companies offer various yachts for tourists of different demands, from luxurious catamarans of nearly 60 feet, with separate cabins for crews, captain and passengers, designed for royal gorgeousness, where the personal remains private, to mono – hull sailboats of high speed for experienced marine travelers that ensures freedom of movement and professionalism.

As aforementioned, the growth of the boat charter agencies has made it easier to find suitable yacht service for any tourist – whether you want to enjoy the long miles of the Greek coast with your family, or desire to spend a vacation full of adventures on the sea, all you need to do is to find a proper offer suiting your demands. Since there are a number of offers and packages available, just be absolutely sure that you go through all the details of the contracts before booking. Check the condition of the yacht that you are going to offer by person, if possible. The hotels there also have their own deals with the yacht rental agencies; hence, it is possible to book a suitable boat from there. Otherwise it might also be possible to contact the government tourism office to accumulate details about different boat charter companies, and the condition of the yachts that they are offering.

In today’s world, the stress of modern life and the necessary duties that one must undertake, has lessen the space for a long vacation free of tension that can refill us with energy, so that we can face the upcoming challenges resolutely. Yet, even if you have merely a week at hand, the best way to replenish yourself with spirit is to spend that time on a yacht and a ageless Aegean Sea encompassing you. tulum yacht tour

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