Anyone with a bit of wavy, curly or textured hair knows that it can be tough to find a hairdresser who can get it right. The wrong cut or products can result in a messy, frizzy mess that will leave you with a hair disaster. But with the right advice, your curls can be a thing of beauty.

Whether you want to rock a luscious long curly bob, shoulder length waves or a short curly pixie, a quality precision haircut will make all the difference. There are a few key traits to look out for in a good hairdresser for curly hair melbourne.

A true curly hair specialist understands that every curl is different. They know that the deconstructed method of dry cutting works best for curly hair because each curl can be shaped differently. They are also able to work with a clients own unique style and personality, creating shapes that complement the curl type and their lifestyle.

A real curly hair specialist has well-honed principles that prioritise helping people over selling products. They are able to provide a thorough consultation, and they understand that effective communication is key to a successful outcome. hairdresser for curly hair melbourne

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