Recent years have brought a real wave of impressions over the miracles of Hoodia on excessive appetite; many reviews qualify Hoodia as the most revolutionary appetite suppressor discovered so far. There are a total of thirteen species known under the name of Hoodia, most of them growing in Africa in the Namibian and the Kalahari Desert or in rocky areas of the continent; however, the one type that works in weigh loss treatments is Hoodia Gondonii. The plant has been successfully used by local people for centuries to fight food and thirst during expeditions in the desert. The suppression of the appetite and the reduction of the caloric intake have been proved by thirty years of scientific research in the field.

In 2003, a BBC team traveled to South Africa to take some samples of the plant and they actually tried it; they reported experiencing neither hunger nor thirst for the entire day. Moreover, they experienced none of the side effects associated with the use of appetite suppressors such as increased heart beat or low blood sugar level. On the contrary, it seems that Hoodia brings about a feeling of well-being and even stamina, so that you don’t feel exhausted by the lack of food or drink. Tests show that the great impact is the one on the mind, meaning that it actually tricks it into believing that the stomach is actually full.

Ever since its discovery Hoodia has become a true gold mine; tests performed on Hoodia dietary supplements advertised on various sites proved that the ones that were the cheapest had little or no Hoodia at all in their composition. Keep in mind: the original Hoodia products are pretty expensive, since the cactus these supplements are made of is rare and difficult to import and process. Therefore, the next steps to be taken are in the direction of finding means of growing Hoodia on other parts of the globe, in a scientifically controlled environment. buy wegovy cheap

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