Face it: we all want a maid. If the term “maid” makes you uncomfortable I can rephrase: we all want a professional cleaner to come in and deep clean our ovens, refrigerators, floors, and carpets on a regular basis. Sounds like a little slice of heaven if you ask me!

However, in these difficult economic times it’s hard to justify splurging on much of anything, let alone a luxury such as this. I mean think of all the ridiculous amounts of free time you’d have, the amount of stress you’d no longer have to deal with, and the pure joy you’d feel as you sat down in your sparkling clean home.

House Cleaning Service are Not So Costly

The real truth is these services are a lot less costly than you think. You can have a deep cleaning done once every 2 months or bi-weekly general cleanings depending on what your situation. Here’s what you get for your $$$ (these prices are based on a 900-1,200 square foot home):

General cleaning: this service typically costs about $115.00. Some places will charge you by the hour (at about a 6 hour minimum) if you only sign up for this service once. If you sign up for bi-weekly general cleaning services the price can be as low as $95.00 per cleaning, and this service generally includes the following:

  • Dusting of your entire house, including blinds
  • Sweeping of all wood floors
  • Mopping, sanitizing & shining of both kitchen & bathroom floors
  • Vacuuming of all carpet & rugs
  • Polishing of all wood tables & cabinets
  • Cleaning & sanitizing of your kitchen counters and cupboard surfaces
  • Cleaning of microwave and other small appliances
  • Scrubbing & sanitizing of sinks, basins, bathroom cabinets, and the outside of both your refrigerator and stove
  • Cleaning of bathroom cabinets
  • Vacuuming of fabric chairs & sofas
  • Cleaning of smudging on doors, switches, walls, and baseboards
  • Wiping down of lamp & mirrors

Deep cleaning: typically customers only have this service done once every two months or even less, and the price for this about $190. It includes all the general cleaning services and also:

  • Deep cleaning of both the inside of your refrigerator and stove
  • Deep cleaning of all your appliances

Hiring Individuals vs. Companies

As you can see the prices are reasonable and well worth it! When the economic down turn began most cleaning companies only had a 7% decrease in sales, and this number is lower now as regular customers have signed back up for these services. The reason is that having someone clean your home frees up a lot of time to search for jobs, etc. Just keep in mind that if you do decide to hire someone to clean your house that you work with a professional cleaning company. The reason for this is independent contractors will not have workman’s compensation insurance and if they are injured in your home in any way you can be sued. Many Utah house cleaning services are legitimate and provide great quality work. full house cleaning services

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