Boilers are complicated machines and, as such, there’s a lot that can go wrong with them. If you’re having boiler problems, it’s important to hire a local gas boiler service near me as soon as possible to avoid a costly repair bill.

Fortunately, the type of issue you’re dealing with will determine how much a professional charges to complete the repair. Some repairs, such as a faulty ignition switch, are relatively easy and inexpensive to fix, while others, such as a bad thermocouple, can be more difficult and expensive. Depending on the problem you’re experiencing, your contractor may charge an hourly rate or a flat fee for services.

The cost of parts also depends on the type of boiler system you have. Oil boilers are the most expensive, as you need to install stainless steel vents and connect them to a chimney. Gas boilers, on the other hand, are more affordable, as you can use standard metal ductwork and PVC pipes to vent your system.

A common boiler problem is a loss of pressure in the system. This can be caused by a number of issues, including water leaks, a broken pump or a faulty circulating pump. Repairing these issues typically costs around $300 to $1,800. Another common boiler issue is a sudden, unexplained spike in energy bills. This could indicate that your boiler is aging and needs to be replaced, or it may simply mean that the system isn’t working as efficiently as it should be. gas boiler service near me

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