Online nutrition advice is an increasingly popular way to maintain a healthy diet. These services match clients with dietitians through telehealth platforms, email, and video calls. In some cases, these services are part of all-inclusive medical plans that also pair clients with a primary care doctor. However, it’s important to choose a nutritionist who is both trustworthy and qualified. We vetted our top picks to ensure they have the education and certifications necessary to provide high-quality, evidence-based nutrition guidance.

Inaccurate nutrition advice can lead to serious health complications. For example, if someone with diabetes is told to remove all carbohydrates and go on a ketogenic diet without adjusting their insulin dose, they could experience dangerous low blood sugar. Similarly, if someone taking Coumadin is advised to eat copious amounts of vitamin K rich foods without knowing if they interact with the drug, it could cause dangerous bleeding episodes.

A registered dietitian, who has the credentials RD or PDt, is the most reliable source of nutrition information. Look for these credentials when evaluating a nutritionist, and avoid shady titles that don’t include an official degree or advanced degrees.

Some states have strict laws on who can give nutritional counseling, while others are more lenient and allow for practitioners in a wide range of professions to offer nutrition advice. However, it’s important to research these laws carefully since they can change without much public notice. Some of our top picks, like Lemond Nutrition and RP, specialize in helping people heal their relationship with food through long-term lifestyle changes, while Eleat Nutrition and Amwell focus on providing meal plans and weekly or monthly check-ins. Kostrådgivning online

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