Moon rocks are an infused concoction made with cannabis flower, concentrates and kief. They are a product of the long-standing relationship between hip-hop and marijuana culture. They were first introduced in 2013 by rapper Kurupt, who was signed to Death Row Records in the early 1990s, and music artist Dr. Zodiak, who also works for Death Row Records.

They are popular with experienced cannabis consumers because they pack a serious punch. The high is intense and lasts for hours.

You can find moon rocks at many dispensaries. They are sold in joints, blunts and bowls.

The best moon rocks are made with high-quality strains, kief and concentrates that have been extracted from the plant. The kief and concentrates help to increase the potency of the weed, making it more effective.

Depending on the quality of the cannabis and kief, these can be as potent as a typical nug. They are easy to make at home and cost much less than a regular bud.

How to Make a Moon Rock

You only need three things to create your own moon rocks: dried weed, a good quality concentrate and kief. You can buy a variety of concentrates at your local dispensary, or you can make your own from scratch by using a grinder and kief.

To make your own, coat the dried bud in a good-quality concentrate such as hash oil or butter. Then, roll it in a fine layer of kief. Let it dry in a cool place, away from direct light or sunlight.

Once you have your kief-covered bud, tear it into smaller pieces. This will make it easier to smoke, and the small size will help you keep a consistent, even burn when smoking.

When you’re ready to smoke, load your joint or blunt and start rolling. Be sure to have a glass of water nearby so that you can consume it quickly.

If you’re not comfortable smoking on your own, it may be worth considering sharing a joint or bowl of moon rocks with friends. This will help to ensure that everyone gets a full dose of the weed, even if they don’t have the same tolerance as you.

You can also use a glass water pipe to enjoy your moon rocks instead of a standard joint or blunt. This will allow you to keep a clean, steady smoke without any distractions and make it more fun.

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