The LED cylinder light provides a sleek, modern look for any room. The cylinder silhouette is perfect for a variety of applications, from modern pendants to recessed fixtures in lower ceiling areas. LED cylinder lights are available in many finishes and come in both uplight and downlight models. These LED lights are energy efficient and durable, providing years of reliable service.

ENERGY STAR qualified LED cylinder lighting is up to 90% more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs. This type of lighting is ideal for commercial applications, such as office buildings or retail spaces, and is often used to highlight merchandise and add ambiance to a restaurant, bar or hotel. The LED cylinder light produces less heat than incandescent or halogen lights, allowing the fixture to run cooler and last longer. It also uses a smaller amount of power, resulting in a significant reduction in utility bills and maintenance costs.

The most important factor in a LED light’s performance is its thermal management system. Heat sinks help to disperse the excess heat produced by the microchip inside of each LED, preventing it from overheating and reducing the life of the fixture. The design of the heat sink must be optimized to ensure that the excess heat is able to dissipate quickly. A poorly designed heat sink can lead to overheating and premature failure of the LEDs.

LEDs are small, which opens up a lot of unique design opportunities. There are even LED solutions that are physically shaped to better resemble familiar light bulb formats for use in unique fixture designs. Depending on the application, these non-traditional LED bulb solutions may work as replacements for existing fluorescent or HID light bulbs, or they may be incorporated into the fixture itself.

Many of these cylinder fixtures are designed to be installed in ceilings as downlights or uplights. These cylinder lights can be installed in residential and commercial applications, such as foyers or entryways. They are also commonly used in lobbies and corridors for a more sophisticated ambience. There are cylinder lights that mount with traditional stems, as well as ones that attach directly to the ceiling using aircraft cable.

These lights have a variety of controls, including Position, Rotation and Item Material. This allows them to be manipulated directly in the 3D viewport, avoiding the need for manual recalculations. This feature is especially useful when designing for projects with limited space, or when incorporating lighting into existing architectural plans. The Item Material control enables you to set attributes such as the light’s color, shadow color, samples and Cylinder Radius and Length. It is also possible to define a custom Light Path Expression for this light item. This is especially useful when designing a scene with multiple light items that require specific positioning and rotation, and can save time and effort in the development stage of a project. The Light Path Expression can be modified at any time by changing its attribute in the Item Properties panel.

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