Modern kitchen cabinet design is characterized by clean lines and a lack of fussy detail. This minimalist style can be enhanced with a variety of textures and colors, depending on the desired effect. For example, textured wood veneers are popular, as well as bold shades like red and green. While many people prefer white cabinets for a more traditional and clean look, other shades such as gray, black, or navy blue can also work.

If you’re a fan of a more minimal look, opt for flat panel doors without any extra details or raised panels. Flat slab doors create a clean horizontal line across your cabinetry that emphasizes the overall width of your cabinetry. If you want a bit more visual intrigue, consider a fluted detail on only the upper cabinets to add a hint of visual texture. This simple style works beautifully with a botanical-themed wallpaper and white countertop and backsplash.

Glass-front cabinets are another way to introduce an element of intrigue to your modern kitchen. These cabinets can hold a variety of objects from a collection of wine glasses to your favorite decorative plates. To avoid a cluttered appearance, limit the number of items in each cabinet and incorporate lighting into the space to draw attention to your collection.

Color blocking, or segmenting your wall into different blocks of color, has been a trend for several years and can be carried over to your kitchen cabinets. Whether you choose to paint a single cabinet door a bright color or add pops of color in your open shelving, this technique offers a fresh approach to modern kitchen design. modern kitchen cabinet design

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