Nude photography has been a pinnacle of fine art for centuries. From Botticelli to Robert Mapplethorpe, this type of photography has helped people connect with their innermost selves and feel confident about the way they look. Nowadays, the popularity of boudoir photography is making it easier than ever for women to embrace their bodies.

If you are considering a boudoir session, you probably have many questions about the process and what to expect. Today we’re chatting with Elizabeth Adams Boudoir, a talented Austin boudoir photographer, to get her answers!

The first step is deciding to book a boudoir shoot. Once you have, you will want to choose a photographer that matches your style and personality. Look at the photographers portfolio and website to determine if their work is the right match for you.

When choosing a photographer, consider their experience level and comfort with shooting nude portraits. Some boudoir photographers are only comfortable with a few poses that are less risqué, but others can take it up a notch for those who are a little more daring.

Some boudoir photographers have their own studios, while others prefer to work at clients’ homes or other locations such as parks. Ask your potential boudoir photographer about the locations they prefer to shoot in and what their studio looks like.

Some boudoir photographers have specialties, such as breastfeeding sessions or wedding boudoirs. They may also have packages that include makeup, hair and wardrobe. They can help you plan and prepare for your boudoir session, including suggesting outfits or poses that will suit your body type and desired results. They can also help you find a location and other professionals that can make your boudoir session even more fun. Nude photography Austin

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