Power washing removes growths and stains from nearly any surface, including your driveway, roof or siding. It also blocks them from growing back, keeps your property looking great and lasts longer. A professional Ballwin, MO power washing business will use top-rated equipment and green detergents that won’t damage your property or cause harm to people or pets.

The cost of hiring a pressure washing near me service varies, with the total bill depending on the size of the area and what needs cleaning. The average price to wash a house’s exterior is $400, though costs rise by the size and number of stories in your home. Pressure washers spray heated water at high speeds to push drier organic stains like dirt and dust away from your property, while higher-pressure hot water can remove old paint and mold.

If your gutters require a soft wash, they’ll cost less than if they need to be cleaned with a higher-pressure spray. If you’ve got a brick home or stucco, your cleaners may recommend a low-pressure wash to avoid damaging mortar joints.

While it is possible to rent a pressure washer from a home improvement store, experts recommend hiring professional power washing services to save money and prevent damage to your property. Professionals are trained to understand how different types of equipment work, what type of detergent to use for each surface and how much pressure to apply at any given time. They can also help you identify potential hazards and take precautions, such as tying tarps over plants and using wand extenders to keep the pressure washer away from electrical outlets. pressure washing near me

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