Suitable for military, police and first responders, this durable mask provides protection from dangerous gases. The air-purifying filter protects against chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals and biological substances. The face seal is designed to withstand blows and glass/metal splinters. There are 3 ports to attach additional NBC filters for increased protection against different hazards.

This mask features a carbon filter which filters the air from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odours. The mask is comfortable to wear, with a good fit and a speech diaphragm that allows the user to speak normally. However, the mask isn’t a cure-all for all pollutants. Activated carbon only partially filters some VOCs and odours. It’s important to check that a mask fits correctly and is inspected regularly.

The filtering capacity of a gas mask depends on the size of the aerosol particles and the type of the mask. In general, a mask’s filtration efficiency decreases with an increase in the particle size, while increasing the type of the aerosol will have the opposite effect. It also depends on the type of the filter material and the pressure differential between the inside of the mask and the outside. Fitness, decontamination and maintenance studies also impact a mask’s filtration efficiency.

Before Haldane’s invention, soldiers were often unprepared for the use of poison gas. During the Battle of Ypres in 1915, for example, many Allied soldiers suffocated from chlorine gas because they were not equipped with protective masks. gas mask for sale

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