When it comes to sharing files, email is a go-to tool for many of us. But if you work with large files, it can be difficult to get your documents from A to B without getting hit with file size limits or clogging up an inbox. Thankfully, there are many ways to send large files, from using dedicated file transfer services like WeTransfer to sending files with a USB drive or even peer-to-peer tools.

While some cloud storage solutions like Google Drive and Dropbox have file size limits, others allow you to upload multiple folders at once or compress multiple files into a single archive. While these options can help you avoid email file size limits, they can be a little tricky to use and require the recipient to sign up for a third-party platform.

Another option is to use a service that lets you email attachments directly. Most of these services are designed for business use and can be used with your existing email program. However, many of these services do not offer the ability to securely send large files and can leave you vulnerable to security breaches. Additionally, many of these services charge for higher tier levels that can add up quickly if you need to email large files frequently.

TitanFile makes it easy to bypass Outlook’s file size limit and safely send large files from within your email app. Our secure file sharing solution allows you to send up to 1TB of data per message, including multiple large files and folders. You can also track downloads and receive court-admissible proof of delivery with our RMail feature. Our mobile apps make it easy to share files and messages from your desktop, laptop, or phone anywhere, anytime.

You can also take advantage of a host of our other features to streamline your workflow and reduce the number of steps needed to complete common tasks. For example, our auto-upload feature is a time-saver when it comes to sending multiple large files. You can configure our software to automatically upload your emails and their attached files to our secure server, allowing you to send them as if they were simply an email attachment. This can save you up to 20 minutes for each large file you need to send.

With our software, you can also automatically convert any attachments over 25MB into a ShareFile link. This will change your attachment into a convenient link that you can include in an email and will bypass the size limitations of most email platforms. This will also give you the flexibility to choose whether or not to compress or zip your files prior to attaching them to your email. Finally, our software enables you to create custom sharing links that you can send to your recipients, making it easier than ever to share and collect large files with anyone, regardless of where they are located.

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