When you find yourself charged with a criminal offense, the quality of your attorney can make all the difference in your case. To help you in your search for the right louisiana criminal lawyer, we’ve compiled a list of six qualities to prioritize as you make your selection.

The state laws of Louisiana outline the classifications and statutory punishments for different types of criminal offenses. However, every criminal case is unique and may require additional knowledge of state law to ensure that your defense strategy is built upon solid ground. Use the LawInfo collection of crime law articles to educate yourself on misdemeanor and felony offenses, intoxicated driving charges and more.

You must be aware that a conviction of this crime could have severe consequences on your future. It could affect your ability to get a job or apply for scholarships, to rent an apartment or even obtain a mortgage. It can also cause issues with immigration, if you are a foreign national.

The Constitution of Louisiana states that an accused person is presumed innocent until all of the elements necessary to constitute his or her guilt are proven by evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. This means that the jury hearing the case has a duty to consider all the evidence and give it weight in determining whether the defendant is guilty or not.

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