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Our Spider man Miles morales costume for adult is a perfect outfit for your kids to dress as their favorite superhero. This high-quality costume features a bodysuit with all-over printed graphics and a signature fabric mask that captures the look of the popular character. The mask is attached to the headpiece with hook and loop fastener for a comfortable, secure fit. It’s ideal for Halloween, cosplay events, or any other themed party.

About Miles Morales
Teenager Miles Morales is a student at Horizon STEM academy who befriends Gwen Stacy and Anya Corazon. When he’s bitten by a genetically-enhanced spider, the bite grants him a variation of Spider-Man’s powers. Miles uses his abilities to fight crime, inspiring others to accept themselves and their differences.

When gang war between Ringmaster’s hypnotees and Crime-Master’s AIM goons spills into New York City, Spider-Man recruits Miles to help him handle it. After shutting down the gang battle, Miles is called to his home turf of Brooklyn to take on a gangster named Hobgoblin who is trafficking Beyond Corporation tech to street gangs like Rabble. With a little help from Spider-Man and the Prowler, Miles manages to stop him.

As he patrols, Miles encounters a trio of clones that the Assessor created – Selim (a stable clone with a bad temper), Mindspinner (a psychic clone), and Shift (an amorphous clone). Miles connects with them and they fight off a giant robot possessed by Blackheart. Later, he and his friends rally against Blackheart’s manipulations, leading to a showdown with Cletus Kasady and Stark’s Extrembiote.

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