Betting shops are one of the oldest types of sports betting venues in the world. They’re a staple of UK high streets, and are an integral part of the gambling industry. They’re a great way to place your bets, and have a variety of features that you can’t find at online betting sites.

Betting shop customers are usually a core group of loyal players who visit the shop often. Finding out who these people are and what motivates them to come to your betting shop is an important aspect of gaining a foothold in the market.

Convenience is a key factor in drawing in betting shop customers, and you can improve your business’s bottom line by optimizing the location of your store with location intelligence software like Periscope(r). It calculates a huge range of metrics to help you identify the ideal spot for your betting shop.

The social interaction that takes place at betting shops is a major draw for many punters. Whether they’re enjoying a cup of tea and watching a football match on TV with others in the same place or they’re chatting to their friends over the phone about a match, it’s an experience they can’t replicate online.

Better odds and lines are another reason that in-store betting is a good idea. If you’re an experienced bettor, then you know that the odds available at offline betting shops are often much lower than those offered by online bookmakers. open today

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