Ruqyah, the Islamic act of controlled expulsion of spirits or negative energies by incantations of verses from the Quran and general supplications. It is used as a means of spiritual healing for many ailments including black magic, jinn possession, witchcraft, evil eye and physical illnesses. It is also a great way of increasing iman, reaffirming tawhid and seeking Allah’s protection.

During the ruqyah process you may feel nauseous and sometimes even vomit. This is normal and one of the good signs that the ruqyah is working. Keep hydrated and remember that this treatment can take some time to show results, so be patient and continue to perform the ruqyah.

The recitation of ayat or verses from the Quran is the main component of ruqyah. The verses should be recited with clear understanding (yaqin) and concentration, and it is advisable to recite them in the presence of an expert in recitation and tajweed. It is not permissible to use illegible writing or include taboo words like curses or swearing in ayat or du’a.

It is important to note that the recitation of ayat and du’a alone is not sufficient to cure a person from any sickness, but it must be accompanied by tawheed and firm belief. It is also necessary to remove animate pictures and other harmful items from the home, and to stay away from sins. It is also advisable to make abundant and sincere du’a and to seek forgiveness for oneself and others. ruqyah process

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