In the past few years the consumer market has been graced with an eye opening achievement. Big time skin care companies have decided to start going green; making all natural wrinkle creams eye gels and acne treatment, among others. Not only the companies, but everyday more and more people are beginning to take a green approach to their skin and lifestyle. Take a look at how you can benefit your skin and the world you live in.

Going green means to basically become more environmentally conscious, using products that are essentially free of synthetics, in some cases free of any animal by-products. Whether it be switching to an all natural, organic wrinkle cream or shampoo that wasn’t tested on animals to cleaning your house with vinegar and citrus, as opposed to chemical cleaners. Maybe even adjusting and sticking to a vegan lifestyle, or riding your bike to the store instead of driving.

To some, going green may seem hard and costly, but it really does pay for itself in the long run. These days many people bring their own bags with them many of which are made of recycled material, to the supermarket or shopping in order to cut down on the use of plastic and paper bags. There are literally hundreds of mixtures that one can find on the internet or in books that clean just as good or better than many chemically based household cleaners. Checking and fixing leaking faucets, and turning off the water when we brush out teeth, are just a few ways that we can conserve our most precious natural resource. Water. Which I don’t know about you, but I like water.

Some of the best and most respected skin care and anti aging companies have either always or recently started to market completely organic products. Many of them are built upon the principle of cellular regeneration through various organic amino acids and extracts, therefore offering the absolute best skin care. Some of the best wrinkle creams work by penetrating to the deepest layers of the skin in order to naturally jumpstart the body’s natural process of generating new skin cells. These wrinkle creams have proved to be the safest, cheapest most effective all natural alternatives to cosmetic surgery or Botox.

Adjusting to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle is pretty intimidating to most people, but is an overall wise choice in the long run. Eating a diet consisting mainly of plant and vegetable matter bypasses the risk of high cholesterol, and heart disease among other factors associated with long time consumption of red meat. Most become vegan/vegetarian for the sake of animal rights. Animals across the world are abused, tortured, and experimented on for the sake of a hamburger or a wrinkle cream. Anti aging and skin care treatments meant to reduce wrinkles and lackluster skin, are often fed to the animals and put in their eyes to see what kind of reaction they’ll have. As a result many people have lobbied against chemical and animal based/tested products and have opted for a natural, healthy and torture free product.

We’ve been programmed over the years to just do and buy and eat certain things, so in that respect, I understand that going green may not be the easiest thing to do, but it is 100% worth the effort. Living a green life means a better planet for you, yours and everyone else, as well as providing a healthier body for you. On a final note, any of the things I’ve discussed can contribute to a healthier world. You don’t have to do everything green, it takes time and happens in stages, but give it a try, your body and your world will thank you for it. Lip stain

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