What Does Focus Status Mean on iPhone 5?What Does Focus Status Mean on iPhone 5?

iOS 15 introduces Focus, a feature designed to stay focused when you need to focus or take a break from your iPhone. Unfortunately, some users are reporting issues with this feature.

First, ensure you have whitelisted the apps from which you receive notifications. Secondly, disable time-sensitive notifications so your phone does not jumble up notifications and cause you to miss them.
What does the focus status mean?

Focus is an iOS 15 feature designed to help users carve out time for themselves by blocking notifications from apps and people. It incorporates elements of Do Not Disturb and Home Screen mode, but adds additional tools designed to promote focus.

One of the most intriguing features of iOS 16 is Focus Filters, which enable you to set filters on specific notifications and screens. This marks Apple’s first time expanding their popular Do Not Disturb feature directly to filter notifications.

You’ll find this feature under Settings -> Focus. It allows you to restrict which types of notifications can break through Focus mode and block any app’s notification that has been marked as time sensitive by its developer.

The primary advantage of this is that you no longer need to manually grant access to apps and contacts one at a time. Instead, you can create an automated list which is enabled automatically in Focus modes – making things much simpler!

Focus mode isn’t just for notifications; it also lets you customize how your Lock Screen, Home Screen and watch face appear. Plus, with Apple Watch or Control Center you can turn the Focus mode on and off as needed.

iOS 16 introduces Focus, with the ability to share your focus status with others via the status bar of Messages and other applications that support Apple’s Share Focus Status API. This makes sharing easier than ever before!

When enabled, Messages will notify all your contacts that you will be unavailable for a certain amount of time, while any app supporting the API can send an alert indicating your focus mode status.

When using Focus mode, you have the option to allow or deny calls from Everyone, Contacts, Favorites and groups created in the Contacts app. Furthermore, you have complete control over whether repeated calls from anyone trying to contact you will be permitted.

Do not disturb

Do not disturb is a great feature for iPhone users to avoid being interrupted by notifications and calls while they’re doing other things. It mutes all alerts, incoming calls and prevents the screen from lighting up, so it won’t disrupt sleep or hard work sessions.

It also allows you to set a time for the mode to automatically turn on. This feature can be especially beneficial for white collar workers who work from home and would prefer not to be interrupted during certain hours of the day by calls or emails.

Apple’s new focus feature, which replaces Do Not Disturb on iOS 15 and macOS Monterey, allows you to create filters for different apps and people that determine how they’re notified. You can select from an existing set of filters or create your own custom one.

Apple has added the ability to let certain people call you even when Focus is active, providing a much needed convenience for loved ones and those who need to reach you while you’re unavailable. This makes it easier for loved ones and those who need your contact while you’re unavailable to take action.

One exciting new feature in the Focus app is the ability to add background sounds. This works with Spotify, iTunes Radio or any other streaming music service on your device and you can even have the sound change depending on where you are situated if desired.

Though this is an effective way to ensure you’re not distracted while listening to music, it can be irritating if you need to play your favorite game on the go. To enable this feature on your iPhone, open Control Center and tap either Do not disturb text or the crescent moon icon for a list of Focus modes.

Create a focus for driving, exercising or reading and set it to turn on at specific times. You can choose to use one of the pre-set themes like Fitness or create your own custom one with various levels of notification restrictions for contacts and apps.

Theater mode

If you’re using Focus mode on your iPhone, you may have noticed an icon at the top of your screen and in Control Center. That icon indicates that you are in a Focus filter; when active, any app or system being filtered will display a bar at its UI that reads ‘Filtered by Focus’. This means they won’t receive calls, alerts or haptic notifications from those silenced by this filter. To disable this feature again, tap that same icon again when unblocking it.

Theater mode and Silent Mode will both silence your Apple Watch (except for Always On display and Raise to Wake). To activate this filter on the iPhone, tap the same icon in Control Center as you did for the previous filter.


The Walkie-Talkie app is an excellent way to stay in touch with friends, but it can also be a time waster if it’s not functioning correctly. When you first wake your watch, a walkie-talkie icon will appear briefly at the top of the screen and remain there as long as Walkie-Talkie is active. This icon in particular stands out as it’s of average size so most people should find it helpful; additionally, its presence indicates that you have a busy day ahead of you.

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