A baseball relay is a play that occurs when an outfielder fields a ball and cannot get the runner to the correct base in one throw. The outfielder then aims to pass the ball to an infielder that can direct it where it should be thrown. Then that infielder will throw the ball to the correct base, thereby recording an out. The infielders must quickly recognize when a situation exists for a relay or cutoff and be quick to get into position. Then they must make the relay throw as quickly and accurately as possible.

A good relay is very important for the game of baseball, but it can also be dangerous if players do not know what they are doing or are not in good position to complete it. A bad relay can result in a player being injured or even getting hurt. That is why it is so important for baseball coaches and players to understand the rules of a relay, how to perform a proper cutoff and a double cutoff, and how to make a quick and accurate relay throw.

One of the most difficult aspects of relays and cutoffs is knowing where to stand and how far back to move from your teammate. The first thing to do is find a spot where you can see everyone in the relay line, then have all of your teammates set their hat on the ground. Then when the lead cut off man is in front of you, be about 20 – 30 feet behind him. Communicate with him telling him if you want to line up left or right, if you are going to throw or hold, and to what base.

Another important aspect of a relay is being able to catch the ball on your glove side. The trail cut off man should be catching the ball about 20 – 30 feet behind the lead cut off man. Once you have the ball in your hand it is important to keep your head on a swivel in case the throw from the outfielder goes high or low and the lead cut off man lets it go.

MLB teams have started using a communication device called PitchCom this season. The catcher or pitcher wears the device that has nine buttons that call for a pitch and location, while the other batterymate and up to three other fielders have a receiver.

The new MLB rule will limit the size of bullpens to eight players, which may force starting pitchers to be more selective about which hitters they bring into the game. The change could also help teams save money by reducing the number of relief pitchers they need to employ. Limiting the number of relievers in the bullpen could also increase the overall quality of the game by allowing a better distribution of workload between starters and relievers. In the long run, it might help create a more competitive game, as well as encourage more players to pursue careers as pitchers. MLB중계

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