Before you invest in a geothermal HVAC system, you should first of all understand what benefits you are going to get from it. This system could be one of the biggest investments you will ever make besides the purchase of the home itself since it is not cheap. If your home has the right characteristics, the money that you will spend on it will definitely be worth it. It will be a great option when you are starting to build a new home, when your current heating and cooling solution needs replacement or when you are looking for the most energy efficient or environmentally friendly heating and cooling solution.

Compared to the electrical heating system, the geothermal HVAC system is at least three and up to six times more efficient. This is because it can extract up to six times the heat energy that is used in electrical systems. It uses far less electricity compared to the traditional electric heating systems. You will save about three quarters of the amount of money you will have used with an electrical heating system and about a quarter to half the amount of money you would have spent on running a traditional air conditioner for cooling purposes.

Another advantage of the geothermal HVAC system is its reliability. Since it has few moving parts, it is usually highly reliable. The system rarely experiences failures and minimal maintenance is required to be done on it. The maintenance that you will need to do on it regularly includes force air system (which includes fan and filters) maintenance and a little maintenance on the water loop in open systems as a result of mineral and sediment in the water. Unlike central air conditioning systems that usually have parts outside, this system does not. So there will be no wear and tear on an outdoor condenser. You also will not have to worry about dirt, leaves or plants getting onto the condenser or risk of vandalism.

A geothermal HVAC system eliminates the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning that is usually associated with hot water and natural gas heating. The risk of gas fires is also much lower compared to a house that has been equipped with a gas water heater or a furnace. This system also offers you flexibility and convenience by supplying hot water as well as space heating and cooling. In some cases, the hot water comes at no extra cost. This system can also be easily extended to heat a pool. It does not create noise outside your home, and there is almost no noise inside the home either.

Since this system uses geothermal energy which is a renewable source of heating, air conditioning and cooling, it does not cause pollution in your home. It also does not contribute to global warming. Even though this system can be quite expensive to set up, payback is usually within to 2 to 10 years. The payback period depends on installation costs as well as energy costs which vary in different areas over time. Top vacuum pumps

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