Top vacuum pumps are essential equipment for any HVAC technician to have. There are many different models out there that can be used depending on what type of work you do and which ones fit your budget. Having the right pump can help make the job go much faster and will also keep your oil cleaner longer on system evacuations. When selecting a vacuum pump it’s important to look for features such as: an isolation valve that allows you to isolate the pump from the system without losing the vacuum, a micron gauge to see exactly when its time to evacuate the system and a large capacity oil reservoir port to make changing the oil much easier and less messy.

A rated CFM rating is another important factor when choosing the right vacuum pump. This is a measurement of the amount of air that the pump moves per minute and is made at the pump with nothing attached. This number will drop off quickly once a vacuum is created. When purchasing a vacuum pump it’s also important to know what the factory micron rating is as this will tell you how far down into the system it can reach a true vacuum.

If you are looking for a good value for money vacuum pump then the FJC model is a great choice. With a 5.0 CFM airflow rating and 1/10 HP pump power rating it’s able to provide you with a strong performance for an affordable price. It’s also quieter than other models making it a nice option for residential work as well as a backup unit or loaner unit for any business.

Another great option is the Yellow Jacket 93600 vacuum pump. This is a quality pump that will hold up to the toughest maintenance jobs and even comes with a free bottle of oil. It’s easy to use and has a nice clear sight glass that makes it simple to see when its time for an oil change. It also has a wide mouth oil reservoir port to make draining the old oil much easier and a larger base that helps to keep the unit stable when in use.

This is a great option for anyone that wants an affordable rotary vane pump with a high micron rating. It is a single stage pump that is able to achieve a factory micron rating of 365 microns and has an intake fitting of 1/4-inch MFL and 3/8-inch Acme with tethered caps. It also has a large cooling fan for quicker heat dissipation and a thermal protection feature to prevent overheating.

The XtremepowerUS is a powerful vacuum pump that offers a high CFM airflow rating of 5 while still maintaining a low noise level. It uses a 1/4 HP motor and features a high-efficiency sleeveless design that can handle up to 40psi and has an internal high volume fan for quick heat dissipation and to protect the motor from overheating. It’s also very portable with a sturdy base and tethered intake caps. Top vacuum pumps

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