Bilanz is a German language biweekly business magazine published in Zurich, Switzerland. It was established in 1977 as a successor to Wirtschaftsrevue and was originally a monthly publication, but has since switched to biweekly. It is published by Axel Springer, a subsidiary of Springer.

XBRL (pronounced “extension”) is a standard for electronic business reporting that allows users to send and store information in a more structured format than is currently possible. It is used in a variety of sectors, including the financial sector, insurance industry, health care, agriculture and other industries.


The e-bilanz (also called e-balance sheet) is a balance sheet in electronic form that is mandatory for certain taxpayers in Germany. In 2014, this reporting obligation was introduced as part of the new tax law.

This requires mapping of all general ledger accounts to a special scheme known as a taxonomy, which can be changed annually by the Federal Ministry of Finance. SNI’s e-bilanz solution for SAP covers this task and automatically generates the required documents.

It also offers an optional datalink that enables users to link to the relevant e-bilanz queries in BriefingBooks, resulting in a more user-friendly interface for the end-user. The datalink has been specially designed for a wide range of users and can easily be installed as a service through the Datasource administration.

Investor Relations

The company’s Investor Relations department provides key financial data to investors and analysts on a variety of occasions, such as Small and Mid Cap conferences, roadshows, and other events. Among other things, it informs them about core elements of the balance sheet and income statement, key figures and ratios, and the corporation’s strategic direction.

SNI’s e-bilanz solutions cover the whole process from the mapping of the e-bilanz schemes (taxonomies) in the database to the creation of the required e-documents and then to the transmission of these e-documents to the government portal using a connector. The solution is available for both on-premise and cloud-based deployments.

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