As we get older it gets more difficult to live independently. The whole thing just gets too much for them and then they become discontent and difficult to care for. A person needs to be patient, understanding and prepared to expect the unexpected. In times like these when it gets difficult to care for the elderly they often turn to care giving facilities for assistance.

There are two options available to the family at this point. They can either choose to move the person to a care facility or have a care giver assist in caring at the residence. If the latter option is chosen it is prudent to seek the services of a care manager. A care manager will assist in the process of caring for the individual at their own residence or the residence of a family member that can address all the factors like personal care, medical care, monitoring medication and safety.

The care manager then starts the process of setting all the things that are necessary. He coordinates with the family members, trust officers, accountants and the primary care giver to work out all the details. The goal of this is to ensure that the person receives good care and that the family and authorities are happy.

There are many services offering care facilities. Once an organization is chosen and contacted, an interview is setup between the client and a care manager from the facility. Family members and the people that are going to help out in the home care are required to be present at the interview. The requirements and other details like medical problems, schedules, finance and plan are discussed.

The next step is setting up a care plan. After the interview with the family, patient’s doctor and other interested parties the care manager determines the type of care that is needed. In cases where it is necessary a nurse is assigned to visit and monitor progress. The nurse also visits if certain medication needs to be administered. The care manager also decides on whether a live-in care giver is needed or whether a day care giver will do.

The care manager consults with the family on a regular basis keeping them informed of the patient’s health and overall situation. He or she is also available to answer questions when needed. He also monitors the patient’s medication and can alter it or prescribe new medication as the situation demands. The care manger is available for the family to contact when needed. This helps alleviate the stress and assure the family that their loved one is in capable hands. in home nursing care toronto

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