Both Omnis and FatCow hosting companies extend robust services to those attempting a authentic online hosting supplier. Each company has experienced well-deserved awards and ratings for their services and A-one support. Pinpointing which company is the best to go with could fall to a matter of business wants and preferences.


Omnis’ pricing schedule arrays from as low as $5.95 up to $10.95 per month depending on which operating system you resolve to go work and how much you care to pay up front – paying out a year in advance turns down your entire monthly cost. Although the pricing total Is not bad in comparing to the enduring market rate, a few business sector possibly put off by being engaged into Omnis as a hosting company for a couple of year time. The company does provide a guarantee of 30 day money back but after that time, you’re locked in.

FatCow recently reduced their hosting price from $88 to $66 a year – coming in at about $5.50 a month. As with Omnis, you’re engaged into a year with FatCow as a host but it’s a bit easier to accept in as far as time and the company also offers a guarantee of 30 day money back. On a strictly cost basis, FatCow appears ahead.

Services and Products

FatCow extends a basic online hosting account, the “MiniMoo”, and provides a rooms of services that include internet site design, publishing and SEO solutions. The company doesn’t offer any dedicated or virtual server hosting.

In addition to Windows and Linux web hosting accounts, Omnis provides its customers URL enrollment services, design services that entail either “doing it yourself” or getting a professional web site design and an associate program. Omnis also limits its services to hosting only – no devoted or virtual server accounts.

Web Hosting Features

Each Omnis web hosting account comes with several limitless features such as disk space, bandwidth, electronic mail accounts, hosted URLs, and sub-domains. You will also have access to a tailor-make control panel, support for various computer programming languages (PHP, ASP, Perl, Javascript are a few), and a large list of script installers. Finally check the company had complete 30 scripts in place. Still, in order to utilize any of the scripts, you must be keeping going the Linux plat formed hosting account.

FatCow also provides a few limitless features letting in online space, domains and email accounts. Support for PHP 4 & 5 and Python are promptly available inside each account and you also have a alternative of a few application program you can set up as you wish – WordPress, Joomla and Gallery2 are some of these. Each account has approach to a control panel as well. When equating the list of scripts accessible for installation, FatCow falls a bit short.

Customer Service

When it concerns customer service, both Omnis and FatCow hosting companies have experienced high marks in the past few years. Omnis affords its customers access to live chat, electronic mail and telephone support and a quick and simple to use contact form all placed within their “Contact Us” area of the internet site. FatCow affords its clients a great support base to work within. This admits an wide knowledge base, FAQs, tutorials and telephone and live chat alternatives as well. If you need a little more once it comes to support, FatCow is the clear achiever with additional choices available and a dedicated “Moo Crew” who will assure you are taken care of inadvisable and efficiently.


Both Omnis and FatCow hosting companies are great options when it comes to online hosting. If pricing and support are a primary concern for your business, the FatCow is the clear choice. On the other hand, if you need more as far as quick-install scripts, Omnis should be your Modern online hosting choice. omnivoid inc

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