A moonstone ring is an elegant, mystical accessory that adds a touch of magic to any look. Its allure stems from its associations with the moon and feelings of renewal, making it a popular choice for engagement rings that are meant to symbolize eternal love and commitment. Its luminous appearance also makes it a lovely option for fashion jewelry, especially when paired with sterling silver.

Whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring or looking for a special gift for someone else, these gorgeous pieces are sure to delight. But if you’re not familiar with this precious gemstone, it’s important to understand its properties and history before selecting the perfect one for you or your loved ones. This guide will provide everything you need to know about moonstone, from its origin and properties to its fascinating history and symbolism.

The Best Moonstone Rings

Moonstone is a naturally occurring mineral that’s typically translucent with a beautiful blue to rainbow sheen. It’s been prized for its ethereal glow, mystical properties, and mystical associations for centuries. The gem’s allure grew even more prominent during the Art Nouveau period, when it was believed to reunite lovers and heal insomnia. During the 60’s hippie era, moonstone jewelry was in high demand among those seeking to connect with their spiritual side. In modern times, moonstone is still associated with healing, dream interpretation, and meditation.

When choosing a moonstone ring, it’s essential to consider the stone’s transparency and coloration as well as its intensity of adularescence. A white moonstone with a pleasing body color and strong blue sheen will be more valuable than a gray-tinted crystal with little or no sheen. Similarly, the higher the clarity, the more desirable your ring will be.

A moonstone ring can be set in a wide variety of styles and metals, from simple bezel settings to intricate diamond halos. Since the gem is relatively soft, however, you’ll want to choose a setting that will protect it from damage and wear. When comparing moonstone to other common types of jewelry, this article offers a helpful graphic that demonstrates its ranking on the Mohs scale of hardness (with 10 being the hardest).

If you’re considering a moonstone ring for an engagement ring, it’s important to keep in mind that the stone is not as durable as some other options. On the Mohs scale, moonstone ranks 6-6.5, meaning it is softer than most other types of gemstones and more prone to scratches and other wear-and-tear. To protect your ring, avoid submerging it in water or wearing it while working with greasy products. You should also remove your ring before washing your hands or cleaning the house, as it can be easily damaged by these chemicals. To prolong the lifespan of your ring, be sure to store it safely in a separate jewelry box or drawer away from other hard items. This will also help preserve its delicate luster.

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