Keeping your living space tidy is important for comfort, productivity, and health. Professional house cleaning services offer a range of solutions to help you keep your home in top shape. In Indianapolis house cleaning, these cleaners can help you tackle dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and wiping down kitchen and bathroom surfaces. They also disinfect common areas and household appliances, and use family-safe products. They communicate with clients to accommodate special requests and learn about any allergies.

Choosing a residential cleaning service can be a bit overwhelming, but it is essential to find one with a good reputation. Ask for references from past customers and review online reviews to ensure you are hiring a reputable company. You should also be clear when communicating with your house cleaner about what you expect. For example, asking for a standard cleaning service might mean light dusting and vacuuming and wiping down surfaces in the kitchen, while requesting deep cleaning may include more thorough wiping down of baseboards, walls, cabinets, windows, blinds, and other surfaces.

You can also hire a private house cleaner, who typically charges 20% to 50% less than a cleaning company. They are more flexible when it comes to scheduling and may negotiate rates. However, it’s best to check with your local city or county government for business licensing requirements before starting a cleaning service.

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